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22nd-Feb-2015 02:21 am - Witchcraft in action
I've been accused of fostering anti-english racial hatred.

And not remotely for my views on canadian cultural politics.

I made the mistake of mentioning Brittany to some dude from, apparently, Dorchester. I mean, mentioning Brittany is in general not a mistake, but this guy felt like arguing about nonsense. Which led to things he apparently felt were hurtful. And so it happens that I was accused of racial heckling for saying something about english expansion westwards which implied he wasn't a british native, also of being no better than the EDL, of maintaining millenia-long grudges, etc.
9th-Feb-2015 06:47 pm - Exhaustion
Trying to save the stubbornly self-destructive from themselves is exhausting.

I wish I knew how much I still care.
29th-Sep-2014 06:17 am - I almost feel like I live here
It only took 8 months. We've finally got chairs (the old ones broke a month in; oh well, I got them for a dollar), all the living room is truly lacking is a floor light and two shelves for the bookshelf, and some fixes to electric shit (the inner half of the living room has a ceiling light, probably older than my mom, but the switch is broken so I have no idea if it's still functional). We've almost got a full bed (the base is still broken), only one of the interior doors hasn't been found (out of three missing) and we've got our own electros. We also need to find a way to seal off the old, now unusable electric plugs because they make the corner room impossible to heat (our midwinter power bill last year was about half of what we paid in these eight months despite not heating that much).

And we need to paint. The fates willing, we should be able to hold on to this place for 2-3 more years, making the early pains entirely worth it.
14th-Nov-2013 09:00 pm - Apartment found
I'm kind of happy, we missed a spot in a coop, but at the time I don't think either of us could have handled the social requirements, mentally, and there's always going be other times, and we found an incredibly cheap three bedrooms. Basically we can turn the place into a wayhouse.

We're moving in almost exactly a month (the 16th), which also means we're getting it cheaper in december.

So we basically need at least a second bed, a table, chairs, a couch, and hopefully either a third bed, a roommate, or mattresses for the last room. We should probably also get a dresser and a bookcase or two, I guess. It's also near, which is rather nice as far as moving costs go.
19th-Sep-2013 06:04 pm - Moving soon
Is making me wistful and somewhat nervous (more nervous than I should really be I guess, idk).

I need a somewhat more stable source of income than I have now, but it's only in two months. I also need to go through the last miles of bureaucracy to get all my shit fixed. And then I'll need to fight with my old university for these last three credits due to a claim I didn't pay tuition my last semester. This is somewhat painful. It occured to me there's people I haven't seen in a year or more, in part due to the fact that so many moved west, in part due to my own depression issues, some for other reasons. I miss most of them. Getting back on e soon (very) is going to help after six months with only spiro and a year of half doses to get me through lean times. This has been somewhat painful mentally.

I also need dishes. I've got only two bowls and a plate left, nowhere near enough, especially for a couple.

The fact that I've been for a month with a girl and we're already thinking of moving together is of course leading to uhaul jokes, but we're already somewhat split between her place and mine anyway. She's spent most of the month at my place now. And we don't need much of a uhaul (but that's mostly because her roommate is an irresponsible idiot who forgot to pay on time for the storage he took for both of them). And I need a real place anyway, the deal with mom to split shit over her old, admittedly inexpensive apartment since she was moving in with someone was for university.
The kind of shit I was hoping I wouldn't have to do. Also how the hell did so many join up that forum I'm mod of without me noticing.

I think I need more backup mods for when I'm lost in someone else.

In other, more important news I've been dating a cute girl of late (she's called Astrid, for the curious). And generally feeling better as well. We went to a bunch of perverscite events together, had fun. I knew her online for a while, but she only just moved in the city.
10th-Jul-2013 09:30 am - Back from the dead
Sort of. It's been three months I've been off HRT; for various reasons, which were recently mooted by me finding a stash I'd forgotten about. Thankfully between weight loss and the urgency of getting back on it, I don't hate myself so much.

In the meantime it's been three horrible months of crippling attention deficits and suicidally depressive moods. So I'm glad this is soon over.

Also I'm reminded how much I loathe Stephenie Meyer. I'm sure I'm probably not alone in this stupidly egotistical excuse for hating her, but I've got old drafts for an existential vampire novel which predate Twilight, and retouching them today just reminds me of the fact that so long as Twilight remains a fad (is this over yet?), no matter the fact that the first and last chapters were written seven years ago as part of trying to expand it from a novella, it would always be accused of "following in the footsteps". This despite the fact that the goth obsession with vampire fantasy is much much older than Twilight.
10th-Apr-2013 02:46 am - Weird family histories
I recently learned a new one. Apparently I have a great uncle on my father's side who used to be a franciscan monk, then defrocked, married, disappeared into thin air, and was eventually found out decades later, having been living with a man for about 30 years.
Basically I want to counter, in a way, the standard "kill shit, become more powerful" views of roleplaying games. Instead I'm thinking of tying advancement to what the character learns directly. Not in the way The Elder Scrolls does it, though, but through specific learned knowledges. This is partly based on the way bards went up in rank.

For a rough idea, the ancient celtic bards had seven grades, the obligations for graduation survive in old irish law texts to some extent. The highest ranking bards (Ollamh) had to be able to recite 350 stories, to be a master of all four branches of poetry as defined in ancient celtic cultures, and of course to be able to compose and to know law and all that stuff; the bottom grade (Fochlucan) needed to learn 20 stories. Rather than learning poems and stories, however, the artificers would learn new blueprints, obtained through various means, services, etc (i.e. quests) - minor blueprints, major blueprints, and probably branches of artifices, which would, eventually, allow the character to gain in level, effectively tying level entirely on character progress rather than on a kill counter with quests tacked on. I have a vague idea of how I'd implement it, separating these from actual skills. It would probably be a somewhat harsher form of Black Isle's SPECIAL (significantly less advancement but also more starting power) - except probably using the 8 attributes system I've been using for many tabletops (which was technically four attributes with two branches).
I don't really feel all that confident in my personal skills but I figure I could at least try. I'm of course recruiting people who would be interested in collaborating.

The main themes I wish to work with are the effects of failed revolutions and entropy.

It's a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, in a lush world that's been, in the aftermath, "reconquered" by vegetation. Much of the world is rainforest (note - the PNW's sequoia forests are also rainforests, it's not just equatorial jungles and mangroves) and marshes, the major cities of the ancient world are now partly or wholly submerged with the rising of sea levels and erosion of the land underneath.

There is a degree of magical realism. There is a group of vaguely human (or vaguely inhuman) people who become, sometimes, personnifications of ideas. This, however, puts them in an odd situation of being affected by the world in bizarre ways. They tend to live as hermits, beggars, foresters, etc, because the effects of things make interaction with people awkward at best (if I ever manage to get my skills to this point or if I can find someone whose skills can handle it, I'm tempted to have them moving like butoh or kabuki dancers, in a sort of weird, awkward and unsettlingly disjointed way). I'm not even sure it will be entirely 100% sure they're not more than eccentrics. Nonetheless these people are effectively unsettling and often loners, with details to increase the uncanniness of their presence (awkward movement, bizarre speech, moss on their clothes, etc)

The whole thing will be around an initiatic journey of a member of one of the world's tribes towards becoming a sort of "techno shaman". Technology in this world is post collapse schizotech, with artificer orders, often at odds with each other, preserving each a number of "sacred blueprints" along with holy texts detailing the world and how it came to be like this through myths. They're meant to be a cross between a group of pagan priests or shamans, a medieval guild, and the techpriests of mars (without the stupid incantations or the machine spirit). Some elements of the initiation will also follow something akin to the progression in ranks of celtic bards (or at least as codified in medieval irish law). They know how to make, but too little of the deep theory underpinnings of what they're making to create or innovate much. There will probably be ways to enhance equipment, but with "buyers beware" attached due to the lack of deep understanding.

One part of the journey would involve something, but I'm not sure what yet, about going to an ancient sacred place, which would turn out to be the ruins of one of the colony ships through which the world was settled by humans centuries ago.

One of my inspirations is Volodine's Minor Angels.

Part of the backstory itself is failed revolutions, which led to this state of the world, but I'm partly tempted to include aimless rebels as part of things, and maybe have a few characters making the point that the problem is not so much their rebelliousness but their lack of understanding or of theory. I'm sure I'll get reamed for marxist undertones but meh.

I would gladly recruit or at least credit anyone who is interested in working with me on this or even just having ideas. Right now I've got a couple of pages of broad lines with cultural influences all over the world in my notes.
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