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Started to put together an old project for a game 
21st-Mar-2013 09:31 pm
I don't really feel all that confident in my personal skills but I figure I could at least try. I'm of course recruiting people who would be interested in collaborating.

The main themes I wish to work with are the effects of failed revolutions and entropy.

It's a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, in a lush world that's been, in the aftermath, "reconquered" by vegetation. Much of the world is rainforest (note - the PNW's sequoia forests are also rainforests, it's not just equatorial jungles and mangroves) and marshes, the major cities of the ancient world are now partly or wholly submerged with the rising of sea levels and erosion of the land underneath.

There is a degree of magical realism. There is a group of vaguely human (or vaguely inhuman) people who become, sometimes, personnifications of ideas. This, however, puts them in an odd situation of being affected by the world in bizarre ways. They tend to live as hermits, beggars, foresters, etc, because the effects of things make interaction with people awkward at best (if I ever manage to get my skills to this point or if I can find someone whose skills can handle it, I'm tempted to have them moving like butoh or kabuki dancers, in a sort of weird, awkward and unsettlingly disjointed way). I'm not even sure it will be entirely 100% sure they're not more than eccentrics. Nonetheless these people are effectively unsettling and often loners, with details to increase the uncanniness of their presence (awkward movement, bizarre speech, moss on their clothes, etc)

The whole thing will be around an initiatic journey of a member of one of the world's tribes towards becoming a sort of "techno shaman". Technology in this world is post collapse schizotech, with artificer orders, often at odds with each other, preserving each a number of "sacred blueprints" along with holy texts detailing the world and how it came to be like this through myths. They're meant to be a cross between a group of pagan priests or shamans, a medieval guild, and the techpriests of mars (without the stupid incantations or the machine spirit). Some elements of the initiation will also follow something akin to the progression in ranks of celtic bards (or at least as codified in medieval irish law). They know how to make, but too little of the deep theory underpinnings of what they're making to create or innovate much. There will probably be ways to enhance equipment, but with "buyers beware" attached due to the lack of deep understanding.

One part of the journey would involve something, but I'm not sure what yet, about going to an ancient sacred place, which would turn out to be the ruins of one of the colony ships through which the world was settled by humans centuries ago.

One of my inspirations is Volodine's Minor Angels.

Part of the backstory itself is failed revolutions, which led to this state of the world, but I'm partly tempted to include aimless rebels as part of things, and maybe have a few characters making the point that the problem is not so much their rebelliousness but their lack of understanding or of theory. I'm sure I'll get reamed for marxist undertones but meh.

I would gladly recruit or at least credit anyone who is interested in working with me on this or even just having ideas. Right now I've got a couple of pages of broad lines with cultural influences all over the world in my notes.
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