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Timete Danaen!
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I almost feel like I live here 
29th-Sep-2014 06:17 am
It only took 8 months. We've finally got chairs (the old ones broke a month in; oh well, I got them for a dollar), all the living room is truly lacking is a floor light and two shelves for the bookshelf, and some fixes to electric shit (the inner half of the living room has a ceiling light, probably older than my mom, but the switch is broken so I have no idea if it's still functional). We've almost got a full bed (the base is still broken), only one of the interior doors hasn't been found (out of three missing) and we've got our own electros. We also need to find a way to seal off the old, now unusable electric plugs because they make the corner room impossible to heat (our midwinter power bill last year was about half of what we paid in these eight months despite not heating that much).

And we need to paint. The fates willing, we should be able to hold on to this place for 2-3 more years, making the early pains entirely worth it.
5th-Oct-2014 05:33 am (UTC)
The first step of sealing off is the sealing off. Packing tape is not exactly fancy insulation, but it'll stop a draft.
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