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Timete Danaen!

I have pirate hands: when I cross my fingers, they say arrrrrr

Lauren D. M.
a geeky deaf queer trans woman, kinda poly, kinda bi, daughter of a twice emigrant, cultural minority in France, cultural imperialist co-ruler nation in Canada, welfare kid who somehow got to college. Why this? Because I seriously hate pity, and if you feel like pitying any part of it, knock it off, now.
I'm also a bit of a bitch, sometimes. Usually I'm nice and cuddly. Or lost in my computer stuff.
If you want to friend me, well do as you will, but just noting it in a comment somwhere would be nice.

I'm also the maintainer of mtfinbed
*nix, agnosticism, ancient languages, archaeology, archipelagoes, asl, being called chloe, breizh dieub, british archaeology, civilization of gesture, classical britannic civilisations, deaf, deafness, dumnonia, etruria, father mother dumbass hearies, feminism, fierce femme techie, geeking over pottery shards, heteroflexible, humanism, immigration, language rights, libertine, libraries, mocking harry benjamin syndrome, mtf, mutualism, not claiming ideological purity, oulipo, paleolinguistics, phoenicia, polytheism, prehistory, protohistory, queer, questioning my ideology, rejecting primitivism, revolt of auxiliary sciences, sex-crazed hellfiend, sign languages, slashing montaigne/la boétie, trans, trans girl, trans rights, transfeminism, unicorns, urbanity