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Timete Danaen!
I have pirate hands: when I cross my fingers, they say arrrrrr
Moving soon 
19th-Sep-2013 06:04 pm
Is making me wistful and somewhat nervous (more nervous than I should really be I guess, idk).

I need a somewhat more stable source of income than I have now, but it's only in two months. I also need to go through the last miles of bureaucracy to get all my shit fixed. And then I'll need to fight with my old university for these last three credits due to a claim I didn't pay tuition my last semester. This is somewhat painful. It occured to me there's people I haven't seen in a year or more, in part due to the fact that so many moved west, in part due to my own depression issues, some for other reasons. I miss most of them. Getting back on e soon (very) is going to help after six months with only spiro and a year of half doses to get me through lean times. This has been somewhat painful mentally.

I also need dishes. I've got only two bowls and a plate left, nowhere near enough, especially for a couple.

The fact that I've been for a month with a girl and we're already thinking of moving together is of course leading to uhaul jokes, but we're already somewhat split between her place and mine anyway. She's spent most of the month at my place now. And we don't need much of a uhaul (but that's mostly because her roommate is an irresponsible idiot who forgot to pay on time for the storage he took for both of them). And I need a real place anyway, the deal with mom to split shit over her old, admittedly inexpensive apartment since she was moving in with someone was for university.
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